Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Round Barn

Looking back at the Steens Mountains. They are fault block mountains, which means the earth cracked and the ground lifted up. You are looking at the gentle side, the other side is very steep.

Lava, lava, lava everywhere

I visited the innovative round barn built in the 1980's. 

The outer 20 foot wide corridor allowed cowboys to exercise  horses in inclement weather

Raven's are nesting in the barn's center support

The artsy fartcy shot

I stopped at Crystal Crane Hot Springs. (43.44194, -118.63926) They have private hot tub rooms, cabins and a tee pee. The water in the pond is around 100 degrees. The water entering is 178 degrees, you could cook dinner in it. You can adjust your temperature by how close you get to the incoming water.

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  1. Is this where you are spending the night? What's in the tee pee? ; ) me