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Murphy is Alive and Well

Five productive days spent at the Entergra Service Center. They went through Linda's list, problems with the power shades, Aqua Hot not working, kitchen counter pulling away from the wall, roof leak, dish washer not working, and one slide that didn't like to slide. Everything working great. Hooray.

NOT  First night out  the slide would not move, the Aqua Hot, it supplies both hot water and heat, ran at about 10% capacity and the generator would not start. At 9 at night we had to leave the truck stop where we were and drive an hour and a half to a camp ground where we could hook up to 50 amps. With power, we could run the fire place, think big electric heater. It kept the inside temperature above freezing, but not toasty warm. 

Linda white knuckling it down hi-way 55 through a major snow storm. We need power for the night. How many campgrounds do you think are open this time of year? 

We found the only open campground in a 50 mile radius. The Double J Campground near Springfield, IL 

Power, wonderful power!!!

We stopped at Wal Mart and picked up several space heaters. We will be toasty tonight. 


  1. I like how you have added the 365 days ago feature. It is fun to look back at where you have been. Hope things are improving with the rig problems.

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