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Repairs and a Bath

We found a Aqua Hot repair shop in Tulsa. Tulsa RV Sales.  

The eviscerated Aqua Hot unit. 

The solution. The small white button, switch, disengages the unit when the cover is removed. The problem was that the cover had too much play and did not always engage the switch. Modification made so the cover always engages the switch. 

This 10 year old million dollar rig was in for repairs. The owner let it sit for all that time without winterizing or doing routine maintenance. It looks great but the Aqua Hot and water system is ruined, the tires shot and there is varmint damage. The repair bill so far is $20,000 and climbing.

The folks at Tulsa RV highly recommended the Semi Crazy Truck Wash down the street. 

They did a fantastic job. 

We got further west and are now hanging out at the Fort Amarillo RV Park. Linda is very sick with the flu , can't keep anything down sick. We will spend another night here. Hopefully she will feel like traveling tomorrow.  

Tough life for the park ducks. 

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