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Big Storm

My second trip in four months driving from New Hampshire  to the west coast. After a wonderful Christmas with my family in sunny LA, 80 degree days, I few back to Linda's place. I was greeted by freezing temps and a warm smile. :-)  RV's say its an adventure and we did not disappoint. The tow bar for the towed was frozen,  took 20 minutes of hammering and hot water to free it up. Great ready, to go. NOT  The transfer case would not shift to neutral for towing. So rather than keeping each other company as the miles slip by, we'r  segregated.  Linda driving her motorhome and I  the Jeep. Today we are hunkered down at the Utica, NY Walmart (43.124, -75.22783) waiting out the storm. 10 degrees out right now, -4 tonight. Prediction: colder tomorrow. The travel advisory ends Friday morning and we will head for Erie, PA then.

The kayak is getting some strange looks

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