Parque Natural Mexiquillo



Saturday was landscaping day. We were assisted by a half dozen STRONG young men in blue from White Sands Missile Range. They were very enthusiastic and helped move the job right along.

There is a couple of inches of sand hiding a very hard impermeable clay layer. Digging plants holes takes some motivation. 

Laying down landscaping cloth to prevent weeds. We are doing two houses today.

Linda doing what she loves best, gardening.

Completed laying the cloth at 8:55, the gravel truck is scheduled for 9. 

Nine sharp he comes rolling down the street. Perfect placement of the 3/4 inch gravel. Now all we have to do is spread it around. This is where the Air Force boys really shined. I was surprised that the dump truck did not rip the landscaping cloth. That stuff is really tough. 

Covering the front yard about 2-3 inched deep. This xeriscaping is the norm in the parched southwest. 

Mission accomplished. Done by 10:30. 

Sunday Linda and I went out for brunch at the Shed.

A very pleasing funky interior

I love this fish sculpture.

Linda and I both had Eggs Benedict, which were excellent. We passed on the red or green chile hollandaise, Mexican hollandaise for the regular hollandaise sauce. New Mexico is in love with it's chills and I have found that even the mildest variation is too spicy for my wimpy California taste buds. 

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