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We visited the site of the Tubac Presidio that was established by the Spanish in 1752.  Spanish colonists started to colonize the area in the  1730's. The Presidio was established to protect the residents from Pima Indian attacks.

This was the first museum established in Arizona, and it is a really first rate one.

Though there were no surface ruins, the site was excavated and then backfilled. Stones indicate the location of the fort's walls. 

A very bad photo of how the fort looked. 

Audience participation, demonstrating how the thrashing machine worked. 

Unfired water filled jars were hung on the verandahs. The water seeped through the jar and evaporated on the surface, early evaporative cooling. The cage would have held a song bird, early Muzak. 

The museum does an excellent job depicting the history of Tubac

A model showing a Spanish solider's leather armor.

 A recreation of the leather armor.

Wepons of the frontier.

Locked up at the Tubac jail. 

Equipment from the early ranches. 

A Little Window Shopping

Followed by an excellent Ruben at the Tubac Deli.

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