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The Big Easy

It's Carnaval time in New Orleans. You might think that one Mardi Gras parade occurs on Fat Tuesday. That's not the whole story. There are 23 Mardi Gras parades over a two week period, culminating with the Rex Parade on Fat Tuesday. Each parade is organized by a krewe, pronounced crew, which is more like a fraternitiey. You are invited to join and may spend thousands in the course of the year supporting krewe's activities. In addition to the parade, there will be the  Mardi Gras ball. The Krewe rides the floats and throw cheap beads to begging, screaming adults.

French Quarter

Andrew in Jackson Square

But Duaine, will it last?

Get geared up for Mardi Gras
Burbon Street

No judgement during Mardi Gras


What a great horse drawn fire engine.

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