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Mission San Luis

The Apalachee indians of the Florida panhandle were an old culture when the Spanish arrived. The European diseases carried by the Spanish ripped through population and feeling their traditional religion had failed them, they invited Franciscan Friars to establish a mission there. The Mission San Luis was built 1633 and later a fort was constructed for a small garrison. In the late 1600's the British army was attacking the Spanish attempting to drive them out of Florida. In July of 1704 with the British strike force only two days away, the Spanish burned and evacuated the fort.

The Apalachee council house is one of the
largest Indian structures in the South East.
The Apalachee docent told us how
a thousand or more tribal members could meet here.
While the Apalachee homes were round,
the Spanish build rectangular homes.

The form and placement of all the reconstructed building was guided by archeological digs. 

Traditional Spanish meal

Inside the strongholds' two story block house 

Showing the colors
The church
Friars cell
Room in the Friary

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