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Naval Aviation Museum

Another fabulous museum. So many planes and so much history to see. One can easily spend a day to two here. Hundreds of lovingly restored planes span the history of Naval Aviation from a replica of their first plane purchased in 1911 to a Gemini space capsule.

Linda checking out the 1911 Curtiss Triad,
the Navies first plane
Fellow WINs, Phil, Linda, Paul, Linda, Milt and Marian
Replica of WW I air base

The Curtiss "Jenny" was used to train WW I pilots.
After WW I surplus "Jennys" sold for $100
and were used by barn stormers across the US
This huge Curtiss NC-4 was the first plane across the Atlantic.

The famous British Sopwith Camel

A design break through, the Pratt & Whitney R-1340 air cooled engine. It became one of the most successful power plants of all time, eventually powering some 350 different aircraft.

The next break through, jet engines.
Blue Angels in formation
A must see if you are in Pensacola, FL

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