Parque Natural Mexiquillo


First Nation Sculpture

Duncan has many Totems created by the indigenous people of the Northwest.
Just follow the golden foot steps and you will see all these amazing creations.

The left totem, Transformation in Life was created by Chief Swaletthul't'hw and Nelson Canute. The right totem, The Friendship Pole was created by Cicero August.

"This pole depicts the story of a transformation in Life. The bottom figure signifies a Man on a vision quest. During this rite, an Eagle carries him away. Wen he returns as a young person, the Eagle with the wings wrapped around him represents his Guardian Spirit. His life starts, like a rebirth, or as some people state, a second chance to change his ways. The Eagle represents wisdom, great vision, and healing".

Sea and Sky. This "pole was done more as a symbol of British Columbia, as the figures represent sky and sea, and were done in a balanced relation to one another. The powerful Thunderbird being a symbol of the supernatural and of strength, with lighting and thunder as signs of his flight. The Killer Whale is shown in its awesome form reflecting its natural presence" was created by Harold Alfred. 

Cedar Woman and Man. "The woman and man wearing woven Salish blankets; on the base are symbols that are important objects for the Quw'utsun' people. The two figures represent a balance between the female and male aspects of life".  Created by Hwunu'metse'

Cedar Man Walking out of the Log. "Cedar Man is the world's widest totem pole, 5' 11". The original tree was over 750 years old. 

Centennial Pole created by Kwagu'l Chief Tlasutiwalis. 

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