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Mechanized Log Handling

As one would expect, logging like all other industry has been mechanized to the point that it would amaze early loggers.  This is the log handling yard at Sayward, BC. There is a great deal of logging activity out here on the island, but you never see a logging truck on the hi way. The trucks travel on a system of gravel roads from hills to mill. Often you see these roads paralleling the hi way.

One big grasp and they're off.

Over to the skids at water's edge. As the load is lowered,
two metal arms come up to hold it there.

Then this machine wraps two steel cables around the bundle

Then down they go where the little tugs push them around.
The boatmen whip these small boats around causing them to lean at very precarious angels, but they alway bob back up. They are like those bottom weighted blow up toys you punched as a kid.

Sayward has a nice campground next to a small lake in the middle of town. (50.380302, -125.960393) I had it to myself, but I was told it is busy on the weekends. $15 CN per night and there is free water and a dump. 

RVer's are always looking for water and a dump. That is not a problem on Vancouver Island. Every town has free water and dump. Very nice. 

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