Parque Natural Mexiquillo


The View, The View

Serenity is perched on the beach at Jordan River Recreation Park. (48.421161, -124.052082) $12 a night.

This is a great spot to watch bald eagles soar and ships ply the waters of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. That is the Olympic Peninsula on the horizon.

I spotted a sign for Foggy Mountain Forge. Intrigued, I went to investigate. I met Marty who worked as a welder for years, but harbored an artistic streak. In 2007 he went full time into metal sculpture and has not looked back. 

I'll bet this house is a Halloween favorite

This is one of two buzzards on the branch that Marty is finishing up. A couple commissioned the work because they acquired the nick name, the two old buzzards on the hill. They plan to have an unveiling at their retirement party.

Marty gave us a short, but enlightening smithing lesson while making a feather. 

In the Gallery

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