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McDonald Observatory

We had a great guided tour of the Harlan J. Smith and Hobby-Eberly Telescopes today. The Harlan J. Smith was built in 1964 with a 107 inch mirror. At the time it was the third largest telescope int he world. The Hobby-Eberly is one of the larges telescopes designed specifically for spectroscopy. Its 11 meter mirror is made up of 91, one meter, hexagonal mirrors that act as one large mirror. Right now it is being reconfigured to study dark matter.

Harlan J. Smith Telescope

Length 32 feet
Diameter 12 feet
Weight 120 tons
Mirror 107 inches

Harlan J. Smith Telescope

 I did not include photos of the Hobby-Eberly Telescope because they were very confusing from the view point I had. Check out the photos here.

Barbara, Mike, Me, ?, Chris, Carolyn, Judy and Elmer

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