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I'm Back

My computer crashed while in Big Bend National Park. The closest Apple store was in San Antonio, 400 miles away. With great trepidation I arrived at the Apple store. Would I lose my data, how long for repairs, days weeks? Mario worked his magic and to my great relief told me that I would not lose any data on my hard drive. The problem was a bracket between the hard drive and logic board that had  shorted. And the good news continued to roll, a free fix that took 15 minutes. Hooray!!!!

Big Bend National Park

We had great weather during our visit to Big Bend. We stayed at the Stillwell Ranch just outside the park. The park, like every thing in Texas, is huge. Milage for each days foray ranged from 80 to 140 miles round trip.  The landscape offers stunning vistas. 

It has been raining and if you look closely, you will see flowers everywhere.

Hairy-seed bahia

Glandularia wrightii

130 million years ago Big Bend was covered by a shallow inland sea that stretched all the way into Canada. 

There is a wonderful new fossil exhibit that should not be missed. 

The Mosasaur, a carnivorous lizard, 
prowled these here 90 million years ago.

What the Mosasaur may have looked like.

Xiphactinus Top to bottom this head is about 3 feet. 
One was discovered in Kansas that had eaten a 6 foot fish.

Save me!!!

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