Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Seminole Canyon Historic Site

Paleo Indians made Seminole Canyon their home for thousands of years. At the time Egyptian pyramids were being erected, the locals here were painting images on the canyon walls. When asked what they represent and/or mean, our guides reply "what ever you see in them" 

Seminole Canyon

17 foot statue created by Bill Worrell

Our destination

Our very knowledgeable guide explained 
how the Indians used the flora and fauns

There was no one around to tell Flindefield this was a no no

Bedrock mortars holes

So many pictographs were painted on top of each other, 
the bottom row is meaningless

Leopard frog tadpole

Young Leopard frog. Where there is water, there is life

Another great day with the WINs
There is a nice campground on site.

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