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Mission San Jose

The Mission San Jose was the second of five missions built in the early eighteenth century along the San Antonio River. Spain wanted to establish a presence here to block French expansion westward out of Louisiana.

The layout in the eighteen hundreds

The walls enclosing the mission grounds contain living quarters in their 15 foot width. In the 1930s todays walls were erected on the original wall's foundation with a few inaccuracies. The original walls were limestone, but in 1930 cheaper sandstone was the stone of choice. 

Gunports above, canon below.

Another mistake, there was no dome on the gun positions. 
The roof would have been open to allow sound and gun smoke to escape.

Apartments line the mission walls

Each apartment consisted of two rooms for one family 

The original limestone church is still a functioning Catholic Church with services on Saturday and Sunday

In 1950 this wall was painted to show the church would have looked in the 1800s. How did they know? A painting from the 1800s reveals the original facade.

The Rose window. 
A very tall chapel door.

The church's insipid exterior contrasts sharply with a beautifully restored interior

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