Parque Natural Mexiquillo



This is Port Aransas' 21st Texas Sandfest. Sculptors from around the world create stunning works using only sand and water.

Rule 1 All work must be done within designated plot using only sand within that plot. (A large pile of sand was placed in each plot)

Ready set go.

Rule 2 Sculpting hours Fri & Sat 8-noon & 1-5 Sun 8-1 (21 hours)

Walter McDonald shapes a tower

I was most amazed that they could create arches.

A local father daughter team, 
Christy Atkinson and Walter McDonald

Rule 3 No templates or molds allowed. Compacted sand must be sculpted and altered by hand.

Todd Pangborn from Jamestown, NY

Rule 4 No powered equipment, screw guns or machinery is allowed inside plots.

John Gowdy from Italy checks his model

"The Cat Did It"  People Choice winner

Sculptors judge each other. Judging will be based on technical difficulty, originality, imagination and artistic merit
Winner in the Duo Master competition 
Sculptors Edith van de Wetering and  Wilferd Stillger from the Netherlands

Joris Kivits from the Netherlands 

Winner in Solo Master competition

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