Parque Natural Mexiquillo


The Witte

Last month the newly renovated Witte open it's doors. The exhibits, depicting Texas from millions of years ago to the present, have terrific computer interfaces informing the public about the display.

Linda at the Witte

In the grand entry a huge Quetzalcoatlus northropi hangs above 
as images of other Quetzalcoatlus soar across the screen above.

Bad ass aquatic dinosaur attacks an early fish.

Acrocanthosaures walked across the ancient shoreline here 110 million  years ago

Texas Biomes

I liked that each biome was open, not behind glass, displaying the fauna and flora of that region. 

Thornbush - Bob Cat, Quail

Pineywoods - Black Bear, Turkey, Possum, Timber Rattler

Gulf Coast - Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle, 
Coyote, Black Tailed Jackrabbit, Royal Tern


Wonderful life-size dioramas

The paleo-people moved with the seasons to take advantage of the bountiful flora.

4,500 years ago the locals used rock shelters during cold or wet period or times of a social gathering.

Spanish the late arrivals

Tejano freighters formed a lifeline between San Antonio and the rest of Texas and Mexico. Freighters carried not only goods, but news from around the region where they traveled.

In the early years only cattle hides were sold. The meat was consumed locally. After the Civil War cattle drives began in earnest with rancher like Charles Goodnight blazing trails north to the Kansas railheads. Now serious money was made ranching.

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