Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Isla de Janitzio

Isla de Janitzio is the main island of Lake Patzcuaro. The town of Janitzio, which means "where it rains", is located atop the hill.  At the summit is the 131 foot statue of Jose Maria Morelos, great hero of Mexico's independence. Visitors can climb into the wrist of the statue by way of a staircase that spirals ups the inside. along the interior walls, the life of Morelos is depicted in murals painted by ramon Alba de la Canal and other muralists.

 Getting closer

Streets lined with shops and restaurants zig zag up through the town. If you live here, every thing for your home would be carried up these or similar steps. Some 500 plus steps to the top.

The statue appears to be white from a distance, but not so when viewed up close.

Looking up

Murals glorifying Morelos

The view from the wrist. 

More fun than taking the stairs off the platform.

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