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La Tzararacua Waterfall

On the way to Uruapan we stopped to see the Tzararacua Waterfall. It is a few miles south of our destination  and there was plenty of parking for our rigs. It is a national park and you can also camp here.

Heading down. There are 565 steps down to the waterfall.

First glimpse.

The Cupatitzio river flowing above the falls

Further down a little more is revealed

There is the cascade of the main fall and many lesser falls emerging from fissures in the rock.

The next day we visited the headwaters of the Cupatitzio River. It is located 8 miles upstream in the town of Uruapan. The government bought the land around the headwaters in 1938, turning it into a national park.

This small still pool is the headwaters. 

Only a couple hundred yards downstream the volume of water has dramatically increased. More water flows into the river through the cracks and fissures in the surrounding lava than originates in the headwater pool.

You can see the water just pouring out of the lava rock.

All this water has been channeled in to a multitude of water features.

 The  Cupatitzio River plunging through the jungle on its way to the Tzararacua Falls

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  1. just saw this. can't figure out if 'man' has designed all these various combinations of watefalls or if they have sprung naturally.