Parque Natural Mexiquillo



Patzcuaro was founded in 1320 and is today a pueblo Magico well known for it Day of the Dead celebrations. It has retained its colonial charm of cobble stone streets and white adobe buildings with flower incrusted balconies and red tile roofs.

Plaza Vasco de Quiroga

There were horseback rides for the kids.

Kevin found a great little restaurant for lunch. 

Thank you Kevin and Ruth for picking up the lunch tab.

My ribs were delicious. 

After lunch we went to the plaza to watch a local folk dance called "La Danza de los Viejitos" or the Dance of the Little Old Men. The dancers, who are colorfully dressed as old men, wearing bight hats adorned with ribbons, pink smiling masks, and typically campesino clothing, perform this humorous dance. The dancers begin hunched over walking slowly with their canes, then all of sudden they break into vigorous, agile dancing and stomping their wooden sandals.

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  1. One of our favorite cities in Mexico although there was frost on the ground the nights we were there. Patzcuaro is known for that dance but we had to wait till we were in Merida to see it.