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Dairy Capital

We are back at Bottomless Lake State Park for the balloon festival.
Roswell is the dairy capital of the southwest. Today we visited Jerry and his brother's dairy. Jerry, a third generation dairy farmer. He was a great host explaining all the ins and outs of  milk production.

Jerry has 2,400 cows that produce 20,000 gallons of milk daily. Milking goes on around the clock. Each cow is milked every 10 hours. 

Margaret getting up close and personal. 

The gang posing with Jerry, red hat.

Four or five calfs are born each day. At first they are isolated from each other. There were over 400 calfs here. 

Carol making a new friend.

Next a socialization process begins. They are introduced in increasingly larger herds, eight to a corral, then 10, 20 and so forth until there are 200 cows in the corral. 

The dairy also produces most of the feed needed to feed their stock. They have 700 acres under cultivation. 

We went back to Big D's Downtown Diner for the second time. They have great sandwiches and salads. 

This time I had the scrumptious Texas BBQ Berg.  Crispy fried onions, pecan smoked bacon, aged cheddar, sweet and spicy BBQ sauce, and classic slaw.

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