Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Jemez Mountains

Heading up into the cooler Jemez Mountains

Soda Dam
Hot spring waters that surface through a fault at this site began their journey in the Valles Caldera, heated by the magma beneath the caldera. The hot waters traveled through limestone layers dissolving the rock and then depositing it here. 

Looking back down this gorgeous canyon.

Great spot to spend a couple of days (35.87527, -106.66481)

Valles Caldera 
Looking north across the 12 mile wide Valles Caldera, a supper volcano that exploded 1.2 million years ago. (35.918608, -106.517457)

Lunch at Ruby K's in Los Alamos was excellent. 

A great little bagel and sandwich place.

I had a very tasty ham and swiss on a fresh house baked  baguette.

After lunch I explored the town that didn't exit until 1945.  Between 1942 and 1945 during the Manhattan Project the residents were prohibited from uttering the words Los Alamos. All incoming mail came to PO box 1663 in Santa Fe. All outgoing mail censored. 

Dr. Robert Oppenheimer was the Laboratory Director and General Leslie Groves was the commanding general

The Bradbury Science Museum has many excellent interactive exhibits on the history of the Manhattan Project and the current research at the National Laboratory

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