Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Benson Sculpture Garden

Beginning in 1985, piece by incredible piece, the Loveland High Plains Arts Council has created a gem of a sculpture park. To date, one hundred and forty-nine pieces of sculpture valued at over $4 million grace the grounds of the park. If you are in the area treat yourself to these visual delights.

The sculptures are sprinkled across green lawns 
flanking a string of ponds.

The Chase by Vince Valdez
This is one of my favorites

Dragonflies in Composition by Jack Kreutze

Paul checking out 
High Plains Warrior and Windsong by George Walbye

The Hunt by Rosetta

Cradle Your Dreams by Vanessa Clarke

Old Friends by George Linden

Duet by Jeff K. Laing

Stock Market by Philippe Guillermo.
I don't get this one.

Cotton and Clementine by Sandy P. Graves

Monument in Right Feet Major
by Todd Kurtaman

Out of the Mystic Past by Fritz White

l-r Gretchen, Linda, Mary, Pat, Arlene, me, John and Paul
A great time was had by all.

Pacific Giant by Adam Schultz
My favorite

Audience participation

Be the art

Current Location  40.196435  -105.106682

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  1. So NICE, but where is Benson, Arizona? New Mexico ? Florida ?