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Red Rock Amphitheater

The Red Rock Amphitheater

Walking in and looking over the edge of the amphitheater is stunning. What a marvelous place to enjoy a concert. At night you can see the stars and the lights of Denver in the distance. 

In 1936 the CCC began construction of the present day amphitheater. As you can see below there were many large boulders to be cleared away. The superintendent feared that conservationists would protest when he started dynamiting these boulders. So, he told his forman to drill and load all the boulders, then blow them all at once. He was absent that day. The CCC crews moved over 10,000 cubic yards of dirt and rock debris. Then they poured 10 box cars loads of cement and put down 90,000 square feet of flagstone. All this work was done by hand, without the help of any machines.

The same view today. These seats built by the CCC can seat 8,775 fans.

I wonder what the photo shoot is all about

Our tour took us back stage, actually below the stage. The walls are lined with photos of groups that have performed here. 

WIN group shot in one of the green rooms 

The stage and rooms back up against the red rock, which you can see in these photos.

This is the largest green room is for the headliners. 

Many very motivated people were using the bleachers as a personal gym. They run back and forth across each row of seats. If you run all 70 rows you will have traveled 2.5 miles.

Ascending these stairs from stage to the Visitors Center Plaza you will have climbed 193 steps. A good workout

The WINs could not resist saying they performed at the Red Rock

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