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Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad

I have arrived in beautiful green Colorado.

The C&TSR is a narrow gauge  railroad constructed in 1880 to haul mining supplies, freight and live stock through the southern Colorado Rockies. The 64 mile rail bed from Antonito, CO to Chama, NM climbs a 1.4% grade until reaching Cumbers Pass at 10,015 feet and then descending a 4% grade into Chama.

Antonio terminal

Blowing off steam while crossing Ferguson's Trestle. Ferguson was a very bad man in Antonito. Convicted for an unknown crime, he was hanged from this bridge by the local posse, because there were no trees in town.

Speed sign, 15 mph maximum speed

Lava Tank no longer used.

Beautiful wild flowers

The brakeman sits in the black box, "dog house," and watches for fire and other problems with the rail cars. 

The engine uses 1,500 gallons of water per hour.

Mileage post tell rail miles from Denver

Monument erected by railroad ticket agents dedicated to the memory of President Garfield after his assassination in 1881.

Toltec Canyon

Trains leave both Chama and Antonito at 10 am. They meet at Osier where we had lunch.

Meeting the east bound train 

Old stock yard that was used when the trains transported stock

100 foot high Lobato Trestle

Hollywood erected this water tower for the opening scene of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade where he swings onto a moving circus train. 

Tonight camping free near the Great Sand Dunes National Park. 

37.527017  -105.593591

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