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Heading East

I am heading east to Kansas City, MO to join up with the WINs for the Lewis and Clark Circuit. They are starting from St. Louis today, so I will be a week or so late. I am in Carson City, NV visiting friends and will begin the 1,800 mile journey to KC on Monday. 

Heading over Donner Pass to Reno

You can see the avalanche sheds protecting 
trains crossing the Sierras.

Donner Lake

Train rolling downhill into Reno.  Truckee River on the left. 
No, I didn't park. Shot on the fly.

It turned out to be an easy drive. I few small snow flurries attacked the windshield, but the pavement was dry all the way.

Sad News
The US Forest Service has this amazing program, Passport in Time. You can volunteer for different projects in the national forests. I had always wanted to dig up a dinosaur. In 2012 I was accepted for a Triceratops dig. I figured the chance of lighting striking twice were slim, but ever hopeful I applied again. "The PIT project leaders have made their decisions, and I am sorry to tell you that you were not selected for the Digging Up Triceratops"    :-(

New pill box. You know you are getting older when your old pill box is too small

Bright and sunny for my 3 mile walk this morning.

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