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Into the Flat Land

I love traveling the back roads and hwy 50 is a great one. Many small interesting towns and light traffic. You can take it all the way to Ohio.

Climbing the west slope of the Rockies

Below Monarch Pass was a flashing sign saying that chains would be required at 10,000 feet. Serenity doesn't chain up. It was  clear and sunny,  pavement was dry, I decided to head on up. I could always boondock somewhere up there. 

No shoulder. Don't look down
Monarch Pass 11.312 feet. Open, no chains required.
Old mine
Interesting home
Out of the Rockies. Boy is it flat.
222  slow intense miles. 
Tucked in at Beymer Park, KS. Its Free. The wind will rock me to sleep.
37.900691, -101.258371 
Yesterday marked the beginning of my 6th year on the road. It has been a great adventure. Great new friends and wonderful places visited. What a great country we live in.

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  1. The travel writer William Least Heat-Moon (who claimed to have visited every county in the lower 48) recommended that visitors who want to see the US should rent a car and drive US 50 from Ocean City MD to Sacramento. US 50 passes through Chase County, KS, about which he wrote an excellent book (PrairyErth).