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Salt Point

Yet again I am enjoying the beauty of Salt Point State Park. It is one of my favorite CA state parks. In the 80s the family would come here for the ab diving. Nothing better than enjoying a platter of delicious abalone steaks that you had pried off the rocks just hours before. When I was a teenager the limit was 6 abs, in the 80s it had dropped to 2 and today zero, zip, nada. The ranger told me that the foot inside 7 inch ab shells, the min legal size, were often only a few inches across. The abs are starving due to shrinking kelp bed, their food source.

The foot fills a healthy abs' shell. 

Overcast day telegraphing a big storm due to hit

I am camped in my preferred spot,  overflow parking.  38.570352, -123.331768   I like it for several reasons. No reservation required, always open. Ocean views, the regular, often full, campsites are in the woods without ocean views. No trees shading my solar panels. $5 less than campsites. For self-contained RVs it is perfect IMO.

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