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Many towns in Mexico specialize in manufacturing a single product. One makes bricks, another furniture, another copper wares, and so on. I was told this was the result of an early Spanish bishop that went from town to town suggesting that each town produce a product supported by the local resources. Paracho is Mexico's guitar town.  Link to excellent article.

The movie Coco was a huge hit and the guitar featured in the movie was designed by Paracho native Vazquez Rubio. Its likeness has been replicated at the town entrance.

Several years ago Roger bought a used guitar in Mexico. Upon closer examination he discovered a makers mark. It was created in Jose Luis's shop and Roger wanted to meet him. Roger on right, Jose on left.

A second reason for visiting Paracho was so Aron could buy a mandolin for their son.

Aron listening to the mandolin he picked out.

 Jose Luis graciously invited us to visit his factory. Below are different stages of production.

The glue up

Most of the guitars are mass produced with the aid of power tools. But the factory also creates totally hand crafted guitars made by these craftsmen. 

The finished product 

Mona, Jose and Aron in front of the factory. It was a real treat to get this behind the scenes tour.

Walking around town you see guitar stores everywhere. It is said that 90% of the population is involved with guitar manufacturing .

We wandered into a small museum of award winning guitars.

Ruth checking out some of the guitars.

Incredibly detailed sound hole

This fellow was there handcrafting a guitar. He said it takes two months to create one guitar.

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