Parque Natural Mexiquillo



Patzcuaro is a delightful Pueblo Magicos that was founded in the 1320s and to this day retains its colonial character. Patzcuaro is also known for its Day of the Dead celebrations.

Patzcuaro is a bustling vibrant town.

Sunday at the plaza. Everyone is out enjoying the wonderful weather.

Just having fun

Some kind of art installation.

You pay your money and then you get to peddle around the plaza a few times.

We came to the central plaza to watch the traditional Dance of the Old Men.
 Notice the gringos in the background

The dance begins very slowly...

and builds to a very energetic conclusion.

Art in the park

And yet another great day. The view from our campground.

We are at Rancho la Mesa RV Park. 19.502061, -101.594620    
DO NOT use your GPS to get to this park.
Enter on a one lane dirt road from hwy 120 that starts here 19.494650, -101.590011

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