Parque Natural Mexiquillo


To the Butterflies

Saturday under clear blue skies  our van departed for the Rosario Monarch Butterfly Preserve. We had great hopes that warm sunny weather would encourage the butterflies to take flight.

Country side along the way

It is tight going, but it is possible to drive your motorhome up to the preserve.

Very common family transportation in Mexico

Rosario is the most popular preserve as evidenced by a parking lot full of buses. Realize that these buses made up the street pictured above.

We began your climb passing through a gauntlet of shops

Entrance fee 50 pesos  19.588185  -100.267600

And we begin an arduous 2km climb to 10,000 feet elevation.

So you don't lose you tour guide

You can ride up and back for 200 pesos 

These amazing little creatures that flew all the way from eastern Canada blanket the trees in such numbers that they cause the branches to droop

Our hopes for sunny weather were not realized. It was cool and overcast when we arrived. The Monarchs huddled together for warmth.

A few brave soles had left the warmth of the trees.

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