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Last February I visited in the lovely city of Uruapan for the first time. I visited the national park, Barranca del Cupatitzio. This is where the Cupatitzio River erupts from the lava beds and beings it journey to the ocean.  Click here for post.

Today we returned so our new travelers could experience the wonders of this gorgeous park.

Leaving the park, we walked down river along a beautiful new river walk. 

Along the way there were several places where waterfalls were cascading into the river. 

I found a very large spider.

We were waking along the river to the Old San Pedro textile factory, now known as Salon Los Telares. This textile mill began in 1879 specializing in hand spun, hand dyed and hand woven cloth. The mill was in operation for 100 years.

A section of the factory has been remodeled as an event center with shinny new terrazzo floors.

Old gears were repurposed as door pulls

Another large factory floor now presents the whimsical art of  Emilio Rangel. 

Emilio uses epoxy clay to create these wonderful creatures.

Some of his concept sketches.

Below the art gallery was floor full of the old textile machines. It looked like someone had just turned out  the lights in 1997 and walked out.

The machinery is early twentieth century. 

There is plan to restore some of the machines to working order and demonstrate how textiles were manufactured here.

Exploring further, we discovered textile artists at work.

Freshly dyed yarn

Ruth checking out the beautiful table linens for sale.

Old duty stuff

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