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Inter-Laken Resort

 Today the Inter-Laken Resort at Twin Lakes Colorado is a National Historic Monument. Back in 1879 it was the go to destination resort where the wealthy went to relax. Ads at the time stated a billiard hall, grand pavilion, fine grounds for amusement and good stable accommodations. The hotel also advertised an indoor two-seater pus hot and cold water baths and a table supplied with the best in the market. Croquet was played on the lawn and guests could ride on the Idlewild, a 50 foot steamboat or a 30 foot cutter yacht called The Dauntless. Other guests preferred rowboats and canoes. Other activities included fishing, horseback riding, and hunting.

Our boat has arrived

Heading over to Inter-lake on the other side of Twin Lakes. 
There is a 5 mile trail if you want to hike in.

Inter-lake coming into view

Back in the day manicured landscaping would have surrounded the buildings.

The stables

Ice house and granary 

Six sided outhouse for guests

All that remains of the chicken coop

In 1995, the resort owner James Dexter build a summer home for his family.

Only the finest woods were imported from the East coast.

A very cramped bathroom. 
There is toilet to the right of the sink crammed in under the stairs

Second floor bedroom. Great views of the lake

Old time craftsmanship. 
Such great detail in a spot you would seldom look at.

The only closet in the house

Stairs the third floor look out.

360 degree views.

The striped wood pattern would drive me nuts.

Dexter died in 1899 and with him the resort.
But the summer home continued to be used by the family for years to come.

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