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Steamboat Springs

 The area surrounding Steamboat Springs was originally inhabited by the Yampatika band of the Utes, who hunted in the valley during the summer. Trappers began to move through the area during the first decades of the 19th century. James Crawford, the founder of Steamboat Springs, first arrived in the spring of 1874. Originally, skiing was the only method of transportation during harsh and snowy Rocky Mountain winters. In turn, the popularity of skiing as a winter pastime catalyzed development of the town. Today “the boat” as the locals call it, is a premier recreational ski resort. Steamboat Springs has produced more athletes for the Winter Olympics than any other town in North America.

Camped on beautiful Rabbit Ears Pass

One day we watched a chinook helicopter dump multiple loads
 of water on a fire on the other side of the butte. 

Heading down the mountain into Steamboat springs.

Homes along the way

A short hike out to Fish Creek Falls

Just another great day on the road

A very lovely and free botanic garden

Marsha on the upper path

Very interesting flowers

Peruvian Lilly

Out to lunch at TacoCabo. Excellent mexican food.

Tubing is very popular. When the water reaches 75 degrees, 
the river is closed to fishing and tubing because the trout are becoming stressed.
Human interaction contributes to that stress 

Found a friend

Sulfur Springs, one of many in the area.

How the boat got it's name

Steamboat Springs was a geyser until workers dynamited the hillside behind it to construct the new railroad. The blast probably collapsed the underground chamber where pressure built up causing  the geyser to erupt.

Hoping for a princess

A gondola ride to the mountain top to watch the sun set

Up up and away

Looking down on Steamboat Springs

The band was very good

and the main attraction 

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  1. Gorgeous! We've only passed through the area. Looks like we need to stop a while and see the sights!