Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Buffalo, WY

Bills its self as "one of top 10 western towns" in the west. Art work around town depicts the western theme.

Jenkins family home built in 1916

Headed up to Crazy Woman Canyon in the Big Horn National Forest. 

Many businesses and geographical features in Wyoming are name Crazy Woman this and Crazy Woman that. Legend is that an indian woman was the soul surviver when her village was raided. She continued to live along the creek, now named Crazy Woman Creek, where her village was located and slowly went crazy. It further said that even today during a full moon you can see her ghost leaping back and forth across the creek.

Crazy Woman Canyon is a beautiful deep narrow canyon running down the east side of the Big Horn Nation Forest. (44.17968, -106.8822)

Powder River pass, looking west. 9666 feet.

Down the the west side along Tensleep Creek.

Nice spot to camp. (44.09409, -107.28932) There is a million dollar view out my windows. I love to camp on USFS land, its beautiful and usually free.

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  1. You're right that is a million dollar view!! I'm back in CA so please call or Facetime. =-}