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Triceratops Dig

Dig site is located in the Thunder Basin National Grassland of Wyoming. The fossil is deposited in the Hell Creek formation and is 65 to 70 million years old.

Dig site

In the center, humerus on left and scapula on right

Humerus on left, scapula on right

Everybody looking for bones

Yeah, I found a bone the first day. It was never determined which bone it was.

My bone was cracked, but no problem. We glue them together with Paleo Glue.

Mike, USFS paleontologist, applies the glue. Also all the bones get covered with a solution of plastic dissolved in acetone. The liquid seeps into the bones, acetone evaporates and the plastic helps hold the fragments together

And presto, it is whole again

Day three part of the frill was uncovered. Very exciting. This is about a 1/4 of the entire frill. Part of it had been recovered last year. 

Barbara, USFS paleontologist and leader of the dig working around the scapula. 

Barbara uncovered the Triceotops' horn. 

A tooth from a Theropod dinosaur, probably feeding the the Triceratops. 

These are Triceratops teeth. They have hundreds of teeth set several rows deep. As teeth wear out, new ones move forward to replace them. Much like a shark

To be continued

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  1. WOW!!! Is the dig over? I hope you had a great time. How many people were there? How big was a triceratops? =-}