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It's not all sunshine and cool breezes on the road

The day started with a little vibration when pulling hills. I thinks Serenity's engine is missing. : (
Then the generator decides it does not want to run again. I am soooo frustrated with this intermittent problem. I call Cummins in Denver and make an appointment. First available spot the 30th.
Then last evening headed for Laramie the engine is missing big time. : ((
Then it happens, the dreaded blow out. Two left rear tire gone. The side of Serenity torn up. : (((((
I am out sitting on the side of I 80 in the dark. Luckily I have a cell signal on my phone and call road side service. An hour and a half later service arrives and puts on my spare and another tire they brought. I limp into Laramie 11 pm.
To Do List
Buying 6 new tires today
Get the engine fixed.
Find a body shop for repairs
HOPE that Cummins can find out what is wrong with the generator.

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