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Picking up the Pace

The peaches are in season and soooo good.  I picked up a flat peaches and headed east.

The AC is intermittently blowing a circuit breaker, probably a short. Repair facility in Missoula first appointment was two weeks out. No good because I have to been in Newcastle, WY on the 8th. I have an appointment in Billings, MT for the 7th. I hope it is a easy fix.

Stopped at Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park. Though not as spectacular as the cave videos I showed  my students, they were interesting. It is a two hour tour, one hour in the cave. The cave is vertical. You hike to the top and then descend down through it.

Trail up to entrance from the distant visitors center. Below is the return trail

Looking down on the campground (45.82278, -111.85635) where I spent the night. Lewis and Clark camped here in 1805. Ever since I entered the Lolo Pass in Idaho I have been traveling the same country they did over 200 years ago.   

Cave entrance

Bat calcited in the rock that died thirty years ago 

The calcite is beautiful when polished smooth.

I am in Bozeman and headed for the Museum of the Rockies

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  1. Peaches look great... I can almost smell them! Sorry about the air but hopefully you are not too hot. Why do you need to be in WY on the 8th? Looks like beautiful country. Miss you! =-)