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Down for Repairs

When the AC would not run on the generator I went to Tour America RV Center in Billings, MT. Getting in for summer repairs is very tight. They were able to get me in Wednesday. They replaced the transfer switch $$, but then the generator would not start. Bill thought is was the regulator on the Onan. He could send it over to the local Onan service center, Cummins, to be tested, but they did not have that part in stock if it was bad. I called Cummings in Gillette, WY and they could get me in Friday. I decided to go there. They are closer to the dig and they are an authorized service center. I am here now. Good decision. They found the circuit board is bad and luckily they have one in stock. $$$  I have to wonder if the circuit board was damaged when the new transfer switch was installed. On a positive note I should be on the road after lunch. I might even make it to the dig tonight. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Side note
Billings had one of my favorite chains, Qdoba. I love the Ancho pulled pork burrito with Mole sauce.
It was on the menu, so I ordered it. When it reached the sauce station in assembly, I was told they substitut Bar-B-Que sauce for Mole sauce. When I want Bar-B-Que sauce, I go to a Bar-B-Que place. I go to Qdoba for the mole. They should post this change on their menu. What a bummer.

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