Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Be the Tourist

Myrtle Beach, NC is your vacation beach town on steroids. There are more ways to separate you from your money than Trump has dollars.

It is neither on Broadway nor near the beach. Billed as an enticing collection of activities that are always fun & festive with fine restaurants, exciting attractions, dynamic shopping, and theaters.
(33.71609, -78.88093)

Paul, Patrica, me, Linda
They are not blue and cute but more primeval and repulsive. 

Very fast with sharp turns and spins boat ride on the central lagoon.
$23 for the fun house. We passed

My idea of a thrill ride.

Golf at the castle.

We found the beach

Patricia and Paul checking out shells

The Patio Cafe and Bar. (map)

The Calamari was was lightly breaded, tender and perfect.

Me, Arlene, Adelle, Linda, Paul, Claire

Looking over at the Sling Shot. Two people are are propelled 300 feet into the air at speeds up to 100 miles per hour. We liked our ride much better

 Tango likes her new toy.


  1. Looks cold. How's the rig holding up? Cliff

    1. The weather has warmed up nicely, shorts and T shirt weather. The rig is doing great.