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Boone Hall Plantation

Boone Hall (32.85784, -79.82319) has been continually farmed for 320 years.

These oaks were planted in 1743

Nine of the original 27 slave cabins survived to the present day. Boone Hall manufactured bricks for Charleston and the surrounding area. The cabins were built from seconds. These cabins were for the skilled slaves and household staff. 

 Each cabin had an excellent exhibit starting back in the 1700's and progressing forward in time depicting important events in Black History

Sweet grass baskets

Jackie is Gullah. They are descendants of slaves living in the lowcountry region of South Carolina. Jackie's presented an excellent insight into the Gullah culture. Her grandmother was an emancipated slave who Jackie know as a child.

The Big House

Look like your idea of a southern plantation?  This house was was built in 1936 to mirror what the new owner though the Big House should look like. Plantation owners of the day built their mansions in the city, not on the plantation. With few exceptions, the Big House would be wood construction.

The Big House that was on Boone Hall Plantation.

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