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McCall to Port Townsend

Headed out last Sunday for my Habitat build in Port Townsend, WA.

Serenity along the Salmon River (45.71257, -116.31704) 

The French tappers named the Nez Perce. It means pierced nose. The Nez Perce never pierced their noses. 

When the Nez Perce acquired the horse, they rapidly grew in wealth and power. They are one of a few tribes to selectively breed their horses.

A horse martingale
Rifle case
The skill and artistry of the Nez Perce is stunning.

This man's shirt is made from two deer hides. The quill work is sewn onto cured bison hide strips. Horse hair, glass beads, bear grass, and red wool trade cloth are also used to decorate the shirt, which was worn primarily on special occasions.

Pony beaded mountain sheep hide shirt.

Mural depicting the ancestral village that was on the
riverbank below the visitor center.

Fish harpoon 

Quiet night on the Snake River (46.58593, -118.00635)

I haven't seen my friends Tom and Sherry for two years. It was great to catch up. Tom is quite a hunter and fisherman. He got an Elk tag for this year's muzzle loading hunt. 

Some of Tom's delicious vine ripened tomatoes. 
Which I have been turning into tasty BLTs. Thanks Tom.

Tucked in on the Cowlitz River below White Pass.
(46.65862, -121.61955)
Home for the next two weeks, Evergreen Coho SKP park.
 (48.02177, -122.78553)

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