Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Wall Repairing

Into the belly of the beast, well at least the belly of the wall.

An inspection hole revealed that the wall board was in shreds and that piece of plywood was like a wet sponge.

Luckily the major damage was confined to the area
above the window

The styrofoam and wood was not attached to the
outer aluminum skin and came right out.

Fitting in new wood and the old styrofoam. The tape held the
styrofoam and wood in place until the skin was attached when the Trek was built.
Ready for the wall panel. 

I used a contraction adhesive
made specifically for foam and panel assembly

We could not find wall board to match the original.
Adelle covered some 1/8 inch plywood with contact paper.
It has a similar look and she says she can live with it.
Next, find the leak before the next big rain.

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