Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Hobuck Beach

Tucked away in the NW corner of the Olympic Peninsula is a great beach (48.3392, -124.66435). Dry camping on a grassy field not more than a 100 feet from the beach is $20 a night. Summer is over and there were only half dozen other campers here. Lots of elbow room.

This is a great waking beach. The firm sand makes
for easy walking.
Eight or ten surfers were riding the waves. I was surprised when they told me that the water temperature is 60 degrees. They said it was due to El Nino. 

There were many sand dollars washed up on the beach. There must be a large population off shore. Sand dollars are sea urchins adapted to living on a sandy bottom. They sit on edge with half their shell buried in the sand to anchor them. They feed on plankton that the ocean currents sweep by. 

The artsy attempt

:-) Life is good.

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