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The Amazing "Gravel Shooter"

I have been working with Milo and Dave the project manager on the Hancock house. Milo and I stripped the stem wall forms and now we are filling the void in preparation for the slab. This "gravel shooter" can throw the gravel 30 to 40 feet. No more wheelbarrow work like the old days. :-)

Ken controls everything remotely 

This is Milo (red shirt) and his wife Dee's 27th or 28th build. They have lived around the world and worked on builds in Africa, Europe, and South America. 

My turn on the tampez

This "gravel shooter" is the best thing since sliced bread. By changing the direction and speed of the belt, Ken can fill the space right up to grade. How many wheelbarrow loads would it have taken to fill this hole? Soooo many. We will pour the concrete slab next week.

Happy hour with good friends.

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