Parque Natural Mexiquillo



 It was a drippy drizzly day driving south to Cahuita. 

Wide long load coming through.

One blade for a wind turbine

Bridge construction along the way

There will a very nice four lane highway all the way to Limon soon.

The next morning we awakened to a deluge of rain

We were used to short bursts of heavy rain, but this storm continued all day dumping more rain in 24 hours than all of the previous year.

We weren't going to let the rain stop us. We have four wheel drive.

We headed for the Jaguar Rescue Center. It was created by Encar Garcia and Sandro Alviani, both from Spain. They meet in Costa Rica and shared a passion for saving orphaned and injured animals

Many rescued animals are rehabilitated and returned to the wild. Others for various reasons remain guests at the Center.

These Spider Monkeys were kept as pets and never learned how to socialize with other Spider monkeys, so they would never be accepted by a wild troop if released. 

Neotropical Rattlesnakes

Ringed Tree Boa

Blotched Eyelash Pitviper. They also come in bight yellow and orange. 

This little guy has a busted wing.

White tail deer are endangered do to over hunting.

An Ocelot. Alas no Jaguars were in residence.

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