Parque Natural Mexiquillo



 We are off to the East Coast.

There are very nice toll roads here. We spent about $5 on tolls.

On the East side of the mountains that run down the middle of Costa Rica we passed through miles and miles of banana trees

This is the jumping off point. Tortuguero is only accessible by boat or airplane. There is a ferry service to Tortuguero for about $10 per person. For $11 dollars we hired a boat to take us directly to Tortuga Lodge & Gardens. 

The breed of cattle you see everywhere.

Homes along the way

The boat ride to the lodge takes about an hour. The dotted line shows the ferry route. If we had taken the ferry we would have had to hire another boat in town to take us up to the lodge.

Typically, you wash your hands at the entrance to a business.

Sunrise from our balcony the next morning.

Love the artful presentation

Breakfast is included. Everyone enjoyed the fruit plate. I also had granola and yogurt. Eggs, pancakes, and french toast were also on the menu.

Behind the lodge are trails through the jungle.

We spotted a half dozen of these red poison dart frogs.

Another visitor.

A Toucan feeding outside our room.

Bird nests adorning the palm tree.

Mr. Sloth hanging out behind our room

The resident lounge lizard

We went into town to check it out and have diner.

One gets a very laid back vibe here

Another very good day.

Our final meal at Tortuga Lodge.
A Calypso Band played during diner.


  1. Wow! Looks fantastic! Great photo of the sloth. This place looks a lot like the place I was in Ecuador.

    1. Yes very similar tropical rainforest. See you down the road.