Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Mistico Hanging Bridges

We headed out to Mistico Hanging Bridges, hopefully to see some parrots and monkeys. This park has trails that wander through the rainforest and suspension bridges that cross over deep ravines.

The lush green country side.

Leaf cutter ants headed home.

At home the leaves nourish fungus the ants cultivate for food.

This tree canopy looks like fine lace.

This very unique vine is called Monkey Ladder. 
I looks like a ribbon winding its way through the canopy.

The hive entrance for a very small, but important pollinating insect

Suspension bridges really unnerve my sister

Up at the top you can see a person standing on one of the suspension bridges

Becca letting her inner monkey out.

We found some monkeys romping through the canopy

Another great day in Costa Rica.

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