Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Monte Verde

Leaving the coast, we headed up into the mountains to Monte Verde. 

A quick snack stop 

The corn really hit the spot.

Climbing up into the mountains.

Higher and higher

At about 4,000 ft we ascended into the clouds

It was David's birthday and he wanted to do the zip lines. We were told that Selvatura Adventure Park was very kid friendly. They were, Becca and David has a great time.

Every business here has wash stations or hand sanitizer at their entrances, and someone to tell you to use them. Masks are required inside all businesses. 

All geared up

Me coming in for a landing. 
 There were 14 legs and the last one was one kilometer long

Out to diner at Taco Taco. Gay with the Day of the Dead statue. 
The tacos were very tasty.

The next day we were off to the Monte Verde Biological Preserve. AKA The Cloud Forest. At 5,000 feet you are frequently immersed in clouds, the air ranging from a light mist to a heavy rain. The reserve covers 26,000 acres and is inhabited by 2,500 plant species, 100 species of mammals, 400 bird species, 120 reptilian and amphibian species and thousands of insects. Alas we only saw a few birds and none of the famous amphibians. 

The trails through the preserve are excellent

Every surface is covered with lush green growth.

Some interesting fungus

I thought I had spotted a poison dart frog. Not.
Beautiful little seed pods.

Back at the visitor's center we were able to watch the humming birds feed.

The humming birds are so much larger here.

Our last stop was at a frog zoo in Monte Verde. 

I found the elusive giant red eye tree frog.

It's a game, where is the frog. Sharp eyed Becca found the most frogs. 

Brilliant Forest Frog

A very cutie, Emerald Glass Frog

There was even wildlife in our hotel room. 
Moths on the mirror.

Moths in the sink.

Moths on the counter top.

Packing up and headed back to the coast.
All this packing and unpacking makes me miss my RV.

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